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Know nothing about humanitarian mapping and information management?

What we do?

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CartONG has a motivated bunch of volunteers working on great projects. Find out more about what they’re doing. Want to get involved as a volunteer?

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Latest volunteer activities

Réalisation d'une étude sur les usages des NTIC dans le cadre de micro-projets de développement

CartONG est en train de réaliser une étude sur les usages des NTIC dans le cadre de micro-projets de développeme


Assisting the project to map the refugee camps of the north of France (Calais, Dunkerque) organised by the HOT volunteers.

Missing Maps project

Remote support to humanitarian organizations in the field via mapathons in France and nearby countries.

Assisting in the development of an Open Street Map community in Madagascar

OpenStreetMap, the Wikipedia of maps, is a powerful tool to support local development and improve community resilience in case of crisis.

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GeOnG 2016 : The Humanitarian Forum for Geographic Information

State of the Map France 2016

L'association OpenStreetMap France organisera pour la 4ème fois le State of the Map France 2016 à Clermont-Ferrand les 20, 21 et 22 mai.

GIS for the UN 2016

Conference GIS for the UN by ESRI in Geneva

Salon des Métiers de l'Humanitaire
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