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Webmap of CartONG missions on Capacity Building

Latest Activities for Capacity Building

Training on GIS
Jan / 2016
Information Management strategy seminar for francophone NGOs
Nov / 2015

These one day seminars organised on a regular basis aim at setting up a small group of practises that meet to exchange on information management practises, tools and methodologies. The following NGOs are currently in the loop: Terre des Hommes Lausanne, Solidarités International, Médecins du Monde, Handicap International, Première Urgence International, Croix Rouge Française, Triangle Génération Humanitaire, and Action Contre la Faim.

WASH KAP (Knowledge Aptitudes, Practises) survey implementation (UNHCR PHS)
Jun / 2015

CartONG has been supporting the Public Health section of UNHCR since 2015 for the large-scale deployment of an annually-run Knowledge, Attitudes, Practises survey in 180 refugee camps (helping to define the strategy, with the development of substantial training kits, the encoding of the survey and related analysis tools)

Mobile Data Collection and GIS trainings for Tdh
Jun / 2015

CartONG has deployed numerous times to Terre des hommes delegations to give trainings and help with the general capacity building of national and international staff in the field on information management, mobile data collection and geographical information systems.

Mobile Data Collection remote support hotline (Solidarités)
Jan / 2015

CartONG has been supporting Solidarités International delegations since 2015 with a hotline helping operations under 24h with their conception dilemmas, their choice of tools or their MDC strategy

Support on Information Management and Mobile Data Collection strategy (Tdh)
Sep / 2014

CartONG has been helping Terre des hommes with their Information Management and data collection strategy since 2015, by evaluating tools, counseling them on how to help the organisation augment its skills and developing training kits and communication documents for its staff. We have also done remote support for different delegations (Philippines, Mali, Guinea...)

Blanket feeding and nutrition surveillance (UNHCR PHS)
Nov / 2013

Many programs have implemented blanket supplementary feeding activities  which often consist of several distributions per day. This is demanding in resources and difficult to ensure that every child  has equal access to the program. UNHCR and Partners are interested in piloting monitoring programs in a refugee camps to analyze how well the intended food distributions are reaching the target groups. In most operations the food distribution has been monitored on paper based lists which is time consuming and difficult to use for analysis. To overcome this difficulty and with CartONG technical support, monitoring systems based on Mobile technology will be piloted in one refugee camp to evaluate how well does programs do.

Whilst initially ODK was planned to be used as solution, doing case management through reading in data files which have to be replaced every week for updated data is not user friendly enough. XScanPet was chosen for the first pilots.

- 2013: Niger

-2014: Chad

-2015: Follow up Chad

Geotagging guidelines & map packs (UNHCR)
Jun / 2012 to Dec / 2012

This project included both the elaboration of Geotagging guideline and Powerpoint map packs for the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) headquarters.

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Communicating diabetes in Kenya
Jul / 2012 to Nov / 2012

The overall aim is to serve the pilot project with World Diabetes Foundation, and International Media Support in Kenya using diabetes awareness and communications as a theme to focus humanitarian and health reporting in Kenya.

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Trainings for Action against Hunger (ACF-Spain)
Jan / 2012

GIS Training, Quantum GIS and Google Earth

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