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Le projet MAnnheimer MAPAthons ("MAMAPA") a deux objectifs : faciliter les efforts d'intégration des migrants résidant dans la région Rhin-Neckar en Allemagne, et permettre une contribution utile à des actions d'aide humanitaire internationale.

Des formations de découverte en cartographie numérique pour permettre la participant des migrants à des mapathons organisés localement permettent de remplir simultanément et efficacement ces deux objectifs.

The MAnnheimer MAPAthons ("MAMAPA") project is designed to achieve two specific goals: to support efforts toward the integration of immigrants (resident in the Rhein-Neckar region of Germany) and to meaningfully contribute to international humanitarian initiatives.

By offering introductory training in modern cartography through immigrant participation in locally-organized mapathons, both of these ends can be served effectively and simultaneously.

En août 2017, CartONG a signé le protocole d’accord du Global Healthsites Mapping Project afin de concrétiser un partenariat avec visant au développement d’une carte en ligne en accès libre répertoriant tous les services de santé au monde.

In August 2017, CartONG signed the Global Healthsites Mapping Project’s Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form a partnership with focused on the development of an open data online map of every health-care facility in the world.

I. Background

Founded in 2006, CartONG is a French non-governmental organization committed to furthering the use of geographic information tools to improve data gathering and analysis for emergency relief and development programmes around the world.

In line with the partnership developed between Doctors without Borders-Switzerland (MSF-CH) and CartONG since 2013, CartONG actively supports the organization in the definition of its GIS needs and the implementation of a global GIS development strategy. In keeping with this work, MSF asked CartONG to develop an online tool allowing for better contextualization of daily briefings.


Début mars, à la demande du Comité International de la Croix Rouge (CICR), CartONG et le projet Missing Maps lançaient un projet pour cartographier Goma en République Démocratique du Congo. La carte existante montrait la ville telle qu’elle l’était en 2010 et avait grand besoin d’être mise à jour. A l’aide de tous les contributeurs OSM sur le projet (c’est à dire près de 80 personnes) 1343 km de route et 68 604 nouveaux bâtiments ont été ajoutés !

In the beginning of March, after the request made by the International Committee of the Red Cross, CartONG and the Missing Maps project started mapping Goma in DRC. The existing map showed the city as it was in 2010 and therefore needed to be updated. With the help of many OSM contributors on this project (approximately 80 people), 1343 km of road and 68 604 new buildings have been added to the map !

CartONG published on behalf of the Agence Micro Projets (French microfunding agency) a study on the use of ICTs by small aid organisations as well as a toolbox to help them along in their use of ICTs.

As part of its cooperation with the rural district of Dianguirdé in North-West Mali, the city of Ivry-sur-Seine (France) has decided to map the village and its surrounding, with the support of CartONG. Several mapathons have allowed to complete the data on OpenStreetMap, which was then used to produce a map.


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