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Webmap of CartONG missions on Mapping & GIS

Latest Activities for Mapping & GIS

GIS strategy 2013-2015, Map Centre and mapping (MSF-CH)
Jul / 2013 to Dec / 2015

MSF Switzerland initiated in 2012 a reflection on the value of GIS in their operations. The last quarter of 2013 saw the beginning of a strong collaboration between MSF-CH and CartONG. We support MSF-CH in defining their needs and are putting into place the first 2-years plan GIS strategy.

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Mobile Data Collection and GIS trainings for Tdh
Jun / 2015

CartONG has deployed numerous times to Terre des hommes delegations to give trainings and help with the general capacity building of national and international staff in the field on information management, mobile data collection and geographical information systems.

GIS Strategy 2016-2019 (MSF)
Apr / 2015

Following the first strategy of 2013-2015, CartONG worked together with MSF Switzerland in defining the evolution of GIS in MSF-CH to support the movement for the period of 2016-2019. 

Camp Mapping for non-GIS specialists (UNHCR FICSS)
Jan / 2015

CartONG implements camp mapping together with UNHCR FICCS unit by deploying a user-friendly smartphone application for data collection and maintenance and store all collected information online in versatile web maps accessible to all actors in need of it. Already covered camps are accessible in the webmap section of the map portal (maps.unhcr.org)

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Implementing Map Portal (UNHCR FICSS)
Jan / 2015

CartONG is implementing a map portal for UNHCRThis portal is a repository of all pdf maps produced by UNHCR and in the future partners as wellOther mapping products such as webmaps are also available through the map portal and users can request new mapping products through the portal as well.

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Supporting implementation of GIS (UNHCR FICSS)
Jan / 2013

From installing and maintaining their ArcGIS servers to supporting modifications to database structure and enriching the database with new layers and linking to external databases, CartONG supports UNHCR in structuring their GIS webservices. CartONG also participates to the discussions in how GIS should evolve in UNHCR in the future.

Information Management and GIS: Field based project, Uganda (UNHCR)
Feb / 2007 to Jul / 2008

Our staff worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCRin Uganda, doing creation and maintenance of return monitoring databasecollection and compilation of GPS coordinatesproduction of maps, and capacity building of local staff.

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Trainings (Solidarités International)
Sep / 2007
Geographic data for World Food Program

CartONG produced maps as well as maintained spatial data, especially for emergency missions but also for general operational needs.

During the Arab Spring, there were a strong need of geographic information concerning some countries. CartONG answered to this demand by working with the World Food Program (WFP) in Roma for the LogCluster (and by helping to build and maintain geographic databases.

It was mainly about transport infrastructure (roads, harbours, repositories, supply paths…). Every map has been made available for free. However, at the end of the agreement, CartONG’s staff was swallowed by the WFP.

A second mission in Liberia, on the field this time, has consisted in creating and maintaining a database specifically concerning roads state to make the delivery of help easier during troubles in Ivory Coast (that brought about mass movements of populations towards Liberia).

Emergency mapping for ACTED (Lybia)

For the Acted project (and UNOSAT REACH), CartONG’s  field work was meant to build and update the Misrata and Benghazi infrastructures geodatabase thanks to satellite imagery.

The project consisted also in capacity building with training of local technicians.

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