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Webmap of CartONG missions on Information Management

Activites recentes sur la Information Management

Information Management and Mobile Data Collection Support for the Cash Consortium Irak
Jan / 2017 - Mar / 2017

CartONG supported the Cash Consortium Irak (CCI) in improving and streamlining its data collection, management and visualisation systems. CartONG evaluated each partner's needs, helped to choose the most relevant tool to be used by all partners and accompanied the consortium to adopt the tool (SurveyCTO was the chosen tool). 

The CCI is composed of Mercy Corps, Danish Refugee Council, Norwegian Refugee Council and the International Rescue Committee. CCI partners have so far provided cash assistance to over 10,000 newly displaced households and conflict affected vulnerable households across nine governorates including Baghdad, Kerbala, Salahaddin, Kirkuk, Dohuk, Ninewa, Diyala, Erbil and Sulaymaniyeh.

Study on Case Management Tools for Child Protection
Aug / 2016 - Feb / 2017

CartONG was appointed by Terre des Hommes to carry out a study on Case Management tools used in the Protection field. CartONG therefore undertook the evaluation of needs (with interviews with Tdh staff and with other NGOs), before testing out a certain number of tools,and working with Tdh on the strategy for the future on these subjects.

Find out more about the project through this infography.

Setting up the tools (for data collection and analysis) for health center and school evaluation for Tdh
Sep / 2016

CartONG developed a large part of the mobile and analysis components of FACET, a facility monitoring tool for Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services in schools (WINS) and in health facilities (WIH).

The tools are based on Kobo/ODK for mobile data collection and  on a Power BI dashboard for online visualisation of indicators and an Excel offline dashboard for more advanced analysis. 

The WASH in Health Facility Evaluation Tool (FACET), jointly developed by Terre des hommes, Eawag and CartONG with support from the UNICEF/WHO Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP), is based on globally recognised indicators and is suitable across the continuum of humanitarian and development interventions.

In 2017, CartONG also designed an online dashboard with Power BI linked to the FACET WASH Health Facility (see an example with test data) and School evaluation mobile data collection tools (here).

In 2018, CartONG helped build the new version of the FACET mobile data collection and analysis tools, based on a review of the needs and also an update of the key JMP indicators on which the tools are based.

Mobile Data Collection and GIS trainings for IPIS, Antwerp
Apr / 2015 - Jul / 2016

In 2015-6 we conducted two trainings for IPIS, one on Mobile Data Collection and geodatabase management (5 days) and one on ArcGIS server (5 days) for their HQ staff in Antwerp.

Database set-up for cashew-nut producer transactions (Ivory Coast)
Apr / 2016

CartONG provided support for Rongead as part of a call for projects with the Fondation de France for the structuring of data linked to producers and to the promotion of the cashew nut in the Ivory Coast. The collaboration started with the creation of a web database of the producers and negotiators regrouping the cashew nut Ivory Coast transactions with the setting up an information system of the exchange rate of the cashew nut from producer to seller. Then a Google Earth file was created to raise awareness concerning an inclusive agriculture and the cashew nut exchanges. 

Soutien à Solidarités en RCA pour la création d’une base de données d’enregistrement des bénéficiaires
Jul / 2015 - Apr / 2016

CartONG poursuit sa collaboration avec Solidarités International, à travers une mission de support en République Centrafricaine autour de la collecte et gestion de données d’enregistrement des bénéficiaires.

CartONG a été sollicitée pour appuyer un projet mené en consortium avec Action Contre la Faim et le Danish Refugee Council, avec une première mission sur le terrain en Août 2015.

Le principal objectif de cet appui a été la mise en place d’une base de données d’enregistrement des bénéficiaires, répondant aux attentes de ce complexe projet multisectoriel mise en œuvre via plus d’une vingtaine d’activités différentes (Sécurité Alimentaire, Eau Hygiène Assainissement, Logement et Protection) et mené sur différents axes de la RCA.

Destiné à collecter les informations d’environ 45 000 ménages, le processus de collecte de données, réalisé à partir d’une interface mobile, a été revu afin de gagner en qualité et en rapidité. De plus les fastidieuses, mais nécessaires, étapes de nettoyage et dédoublonnage des données ont été semi automatisées (grâce à une identification des redondances potentielles par pondération) afin de faciliter le travail des équipes.  Des tableaux de bord automatisés ont également été proposés dans le but de faciliter l’analyse des données et les prises de décisions afférentes.

Naturellement, cette mission de soutien technique a été accompagnée de la formation des collaborateurs concernés, notamment d’un nouvel employé ayant à charge la gestion des données.

Et en attendant la seconde mission de support (qui visera à approfondir le transfert de compétence en maitrise des technologies de collecte mobile et de gestion des données), CartONG assure une « hotline » technique pour faire en sorte que les outils restent parfaitement fonctionnels !

Documentation for Tdh staff capacity building on Information Management
Jan / 2016

CartONG has been helping Tdh with compiling documentation on Mobile Data Collection and Information Management more generally to help field teams use it in the most effective manner. Since January 2018, the documentation has progressively been made public on the MDC Toolkit website to help other organizations that might find it useful. A special highlight is the Data Visualization Toolkit available on:

Some CartONG volunteers have helped in the write-up of a few documents and in the translation of most of the documentation to French.


Institutional Long Term Agreement (LTA) for Mapping and Information Management in sudden - onset emergencies (UNICEF)
Apr / 2013 - Jan / 2016

Following a full bidding process, CartONG was one of the organizations (including iMMAP and MapAction) to be retained by the UNICEF West and Central Africa Regional Office, setting the framework to be deployed in the WCARO region to support UNICEF country operations in Information Management and Mapping.

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Profiling and registration with Android smart phones (UNHCR)
Dec / 2011 - Dec / 2015

Profiling and registration with Android smart phones (UNHCR)

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Information Management strategy seminar for francophone NGOs
Nov / 2015

These one day seminars organised twice a year correspond to a community of practises composed of medium-sized NGOs that meet to exchange on information management practises, tools and methodologies. 13 NGOs are part of this community at this date.

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