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Conducting the survey, UNHCR volunteer for interview.

Formation Android au Rwanda - Sondages sur la Nutrition dans les camps

Pour la 3e fois, CartONG forme du personnel terrain UNHCR et déploie des Technologies Android pour un sondage sur la nutrition dans les camps de réfugiés. Cette technologie est très utile pour la collecte de données. Sur cette année, CartONG aide le UNHCR a déployer cette technologie pour sondages dans au moins 4 camps, principalement en Afrique de l'Est.

Android Phone Training in Rwanda - Nutrition Survey in the camps

For the 3rd  time, CartONG is training UNHCR field staff and deploying Android technology for a Nutrition Survey in the Refugee Camps. The android technology proves to be a very useful tool for data collection! This year only, UNHCR, with CartONG's support, will deploy this technology in at least 4 large scale camp surveys, mainly in Eastern Africa.

Collecte de données mobiles

Vous aider à améliorer la qualité de vos données et les rendre plus efficaces

iMMAP and CartONG organized a two-day NOMAD workshop held at OCHA’s office in Geneva on 22nd and 23rd March 2012 to present the first findings of the project.



Mobile Data Collection

Helping you to improve the quality of your data and make it more efficient

Since 2012, CartONG has been providing training courses to Bioforce students (in particular project managers, WASH coordinators and logisticians) on Mobile Data Collection, GIS and M&E. Several trainings took place in Vénissieux, France, but also in Chad and Senegal.

NOMAD (HumanitariaN Operations Mobile Acquisition of Data) is a project co-led by CartONG and iMMAP that took place between 2010 and 2016 and which aimed at promoting the use of Mobile Data Collection by the humanitarian professionals in order to improve their efficiency and their impact.

The UNHCR Android project is one of CartONG’s key projects. It started in 2010 with two pilots and two different technologies, of which one (ODK- OpenDataKit) was retained for surveys in 2011. The UNHCR Android project provides technical assistance to set up an Android smart phone based survey within a country operationField projects were directly supported in country in 2012 in Rwanda, Kenya, Sudan, Lebanon and Djibouti. Remote support was also provided to operations in Liberia and Kenya.


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