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As a project manager, Audrey supervises and spearheads implementation of the client work for several of CartONG's partners. Audrey finds the need to design innovative and individual solutions for each partner consistently engaging, challenging, and immensely satisfying. She loves helping organizations improve the delivery of their programs, services and understanding of the humanitarian situations in which they work by training them to use better data management and visualisation techniques. Originally from Quebec Audrey has become an alpine transplant. The move is a good fit for her penchant for scaling any challenge before her. Whether using skis, hiking poles, ropes or pegs or confronting a technical challenge, she never stops until she fully masters it... and always with a smile!

Background: Audrey trained in Engineering physics and applied her training towards remote sensing for environmental causes. She became motivated to master the technique of GIS once she realized how useful it could be. She discovered the humanitarian world through UNHCR where she met the CartONG team and decided to join 2011.

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