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Latest Activities for Expertise France

Training cycle on how to conduct the Monitoring and Evaluation of a project for Expertise France
Jul / 2021 to Dec / 2023

CartONG and Groupe URD have partnered up to build and deliver a training offer - composed of 4 modukes - to Expertise France staff both at field and Headquarters' levels.

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Improving Expertise France's existing data collection system as part of the Innov'i project
Apr / 2022 to Jan / 2023

CartONG supports the Innov'I project of Expertise France in Tunisia. This project aims to support entrepreneurs and foster a stronger and more active local economic environment. In this context, CartONG helps the Expertise France team to improve its existing data collection system via online forms, and to build a dashboard that displays key figures and indicators of the project. In addition, CartONG will also train the Expertise France team to ensure that the system provided is sustainable and that the partner is able to adapt it to their needs.

Implementation of a data visualization system
Jul / 2020 to Jan / 2021

CartONG worked with Expertise France to create a French and English dashboard to visualize the Monitoring & Evaluation data of one of their project entitled “Support for the fight against human trafficking in the Gulf of Guinea countries”.

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