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Webmap of CartONG missions for MapAction

Latest Activities for MapAction

Strengthening CSOs' Information Management
Dec / 2019 to Nov / 2022

The "Strengthening CSOs' Information Management" project aims to professionalize French-speaking Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the use and implementation of methods, tools and processes related to the different stages of the data analysis chain.

Co-financed by AFD for 3 years (early 2020 - late 2022) and implemented with the support of 10 partners, this project will make it possible for CartONG to continue its work in support of the sector by promoting the pooling and dissemination of new resources, both practical (tools, tutorials, training modules, etc.) and strategic (studies, etc.) to all humanitarian and development actors.

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Data readiness pilot project in South Sudan to support Covid vaccine delivery through COVAX
Apr / 2021 to Jul / 2021

As Covid vaccines started to arrive in low- and middle-income COVAX participant countries, successful vaccination programs in those countries were dependent on geographic data to help identify priority population groups and to plan efficient "last mile" vaccine delivery. South Sudan was identified as a pilot project to assess which data was needed and implement good practices for other countries that will receive the vaccine. The support provided by CartONG consisted of data cleaning and setting up a data model and was conducted in collaboration with MapAction.

Dashboard for Mexico's Ministry of Education follow-up of post-Covid19 return to schools
May / 2020 to Jul / 2021

In May 2020 UNICEF Mexico launched the first activation of the 3-year Long Term Agreement signed with UNICEF HQ, CartONG and MapAction in the second half of 2019. This first activation occurred after UNICEF was approached by the Mexican Ministry of Education to support the creation of a dashboard aiming to display and monitor real-time information on key education indicators on elementary schools at the national level in order to map COVID-19 affectations before the start of the new school year.

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