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Webmap of CartONG missions for Max Havelaar France

Latest Activities for Max Havelaar France

Strengthening CSOs' Information Management
Dec / 2019 to Nov / 2022

The "Strengthening CSOs' Information Management" project aims to professionalize French-speaking Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the use and implementation of methods, tools and processes related to the different stages of the data analysis chain.

Co-financed by AFD for 3 years (early 2020 - late 2022) and implemented with the support of 10 partners, this project will make it possible for CartONG to continue its work in support of the sector by promoting the pooling and dissemination of new resources, both practical (tools, tutorials, training modules, etc.) and strategic (studies, etc.) to all humanitarian and development actors.

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IM support to Max Havelaar France
Jan / 2021 to Oct / 2021

In 2021, Max Haavelaar France and CartONG worked together in developping and testing IM tools within the framework of the "Strengthening CSOs' Information Management" project co-funded by AFD. In particular, work was done on the Program data self-assessment methodology (available in French here) as part of the revision of the IM structure of Max Havelaar France, a process that will continue in 2022."

Supporting MHF as part of the 2019-2020 partnership agreement
Oct / 2019 to Oct / 2020

In late 2019, CartONG and Max Havelaar France signed their first one-year partnership agreeement. This agreement is automatically renewed from one year to another.

In 2020, the support to Max Havelaar France consisted of coaching and training the Côte d’Ivoire team on their adoption of the ONA tool for Mobile Data Collection following the 2019 pilot mission by CartONG. We also produced a video to present their use of MDC, and also supported Max Havelaar France and FairTrade International on the reflection on their approach and capacity building in relation to data.

To know more, please check out our 2020 Annual Report.

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