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This project's aim is to develop an interactive mapping of the initiatives of of the County Council of Ile et Vilaine and other international solidarity organizations in the region of Mopti ( Mali ) in different fields. The map will be a tool for associations and NGOs, to enjoy better visibility of actions carried out by associations and NGOs of international solidarity, for a better coordination between them.

Ce projet consiste à mettre en place une cartographie interactive des actions menées par le Conseil Départemental d'Ile et Vilaine et d'autres organisations de solidarité internationale dans la région de Mopti (Mali) dans différents domaines

From installing and maintaining their ArcGIS servers to supporting modifications to database structure and enriching the database with new layers and linking to external databases, CartONG supports UNHCR in structuring their GIS web-services - in particular their Field Information Coordination and Support Section. CartONG also participates to the discussions in how GIS should evolve in UNHCR in the future.

Here are some of the projects we have been working on:


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