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CartONG, in consortium with MapAction, has been selected by UNICEF for a long-term agreement, to provide GIS & IM support to their operations around the world from 2020 to 2022. Working with UNICEF’s headquarters, country offices and partners in different parts of the globe, we  focus on helping with geospatial data collection and management, mapping, knowledge management and capacity building.

CartONG provided a 2-day training on "Data protection in humanitarian assistance" to 13 member organizations of the German network of humanitarian and development organizations VENRO. Targetting humanitarian project and programme managers, the goals of the workshop were for the participants to:

CartONG conducted a 3-day GIS training to 12 members of operational departement of Secours Islamique France, in January 2020, which was funded by Le Group'.

The aim of this training was to make participants aware of the added value and challenges that mapping represents for an organization. In addition to the theoretical aspects, part of the training was dedicated to the handling of some tools such as uMap.

CartONG supported Handicap International (HI) from 2019 to 2020 on a GIS assessment and initial support to launch their GIS strategy as well as on the development of an internal dashboard to support HI in the adaptation of their operations to the Covid-19 crisis.

The "Strengthening CSOs' Information Management" project aims to professionalize French-speaking Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in the use and implementation of methods, tools and processes related to the different stages of the data analysis chain.

Co-financed by AFD for 3 years (early 2020 - late 2022) and implemented with the support of 10 partners, this project will make it possible for CartONG to continue its work in support of the sector by promoting the pooling and dissemination of new resources, both practical (tools, tutorials, training modules, etc.) and strategic (studies, etc.) to all humanitarian and development actors.

Le projet “Renforcer la gestion des données programmes des OSC” vise à professionnaliser les OSC francophones dans l’utilisation et la mise en oeuvre de méthodes, outils et processus relatifs aux différentes étapes de la chaîne d’analyse des données.

Co-financé par l’AFD pendant 3 ans (début 2020 - fin 2022) et mis en oeuvre avec le soutien de 10 partenaires, il permettra de continuer le travail de CartONG d’appui au secteur en favorisant la mutualisation et la mise à disposition de nouvelles ressources tant pratiques (outils, tutoriels, module de formation, etc.) que stratégiques (études, etc.) à l’ensemble des acteurs de la solidarité internationale.


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