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Francis focuses on implementing MDC solutions but he is also a VBA specialist who codes Excel sheets to make analysis and chart creation easier. He enjoys finding the balance between tackling technical challenges and meeting wider development and humanitarian objectives in every project that CartONG works on. In his work at CartONG he find that collaborating with people from different backgrounds and often with very different outlooks constantly widens and enriches his horizons and changes how he sees the world. As CartONG's resident backpacker, however, sometimes Francis opts for more recreational ways to broaden his worldview, prompting him to venture forth from his Quebec home and travel to far-flung destinations.

Background: Francis started in Engineering Physics but shifted his focus to development and worked on agriculture and market facilitation in Burkina Faso for a while. He prefers his work with CartONG now which offers a better balance between technical and engineering work and the social and economic sciences. Francis started working for CartONG in january 2014.

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