Our expertise

Data collection

Digital data collection. We help our partners from the selection of the most appropriate method and off-the-shelf technology (survey-centered tools like ODK, Kobo or SurveyCTO, map-centered tools like QField, Field Maps, OSMAnd…), to design and coding of the data collection forms in a responsible manner. We also master database development and optimization: analysis plan, associated data model and its applications in the collection, visualization and analysis tools, as well as the actual building of the tools and processes associated. Our expertise spans across thematics and needs, from household surveys to large scale mapping, to light-weight geospatial data “as you go”.

Community engagement. We have significant experience in participatory mapping; collaborative map-making tools and methodologies that support the engagement of local communities, overcome information gaps and facilitate knowledge sharing. We are also experienced in subjective mapping, particularly relevant for qualitative data.

Mapping, GIS and data visualization

On the Geographical Information Systems front, we help you create maps and adapt them to your target audience to make sure the message is clear. We start by structuring data through databases and tools and implement processes to easily access and update this information. We harness the possibilities of advanced geospatial analysis based on satellite or thematic data, which allows us to cross-reference and synthesize different types of information to identify patterns, implementation zones or catchment areas, using both open source or proprietary software or packages (ArcGIS, QGIS, R…). We also use remote sensing tools to support analysis and decision-making processes, especially adapted for programs focused on climate and environmental information. We then produce static maps, storymaps and also dynamic maps to be used online and/or offline.

On the data visualization side, we produce automated, clear and user-friendly dashboards to visualize and monitor project data in real-time are essential for informed decision-making, progress tracking, and data-driven reporting and accountability and are therefore a frequent focus of our team.

Web applications

When off-the-shelf tools are not sufficiently geared to your needs, we build tailored web-based applications. These platforms offer powerful, intuitive and secure tools to collect, process or visualize data using cutting-edge technologies and the best sector practices. They seamlessly integrate with your workflows, can build on any user management system and data sharing through APIs, or any integration to external services.

We also specialize in customized geoportals, centralized hubs for organizing and sharing information within an organization. They offer users a streamlined interface to explore, create and interact with spatial data, maps and apps.

Needs assessments and information management strategies

As an external neutral actor, we can support your organization with the assessments of IM processes, practices, perceptions and tools. It can be to support local program teams in their usage of data, help a consortium mutualize and set up the tools and practices for increased efficiency, effectiveness and accountability, or help an HQ decide on the set of data collection tools or GIS systems that the organization should be using.

We support organizational change and the strengthening of capacities on the key topics of data literacy and responsible data. We implement these topics with contextualized hands-on workshops, sensitization to relevant staff and change management strategies related to data.