Becoming a volunteer

Why join CartONG as a volunteer?

Since its inception, CartONG has been supported by an active volunteer community, thanks to which many projects are completed. You don’t need to be a specialist in GIS, data management or humanitarian aid – our volunteers come from all walks of life!

Discover all the ways you can get involved with CartONG in this video!

In concrete terms, the CartONG community is:

– Over 80 volunteers in France and around the world 

Volunteer projects – mainly carried out online – in support of local, national and Humanitarian Aid and International Development organizations.

Close collaboration between employees and volunteers

Friendly online and face-to-face meetings

There are 3 main stages to join the CartONG family:

1/ I get to know the association

The newsletter

I subscribe to the “volunteer projects” newsletter to receive monthly updates on volunteer projects and the calendar of events. This way I can meet CartONG at an event nearby.

Subscribe to the newsletter


I sign up for a CartoTalk to find out more about the association’s volunteer activities, and chat with other enthusiasts. Meet up every second Wednesday of the month, from 6pm to 8pm!

Sign up for a CartoTalk

The mapathons

I sign up for an online mapathon (a participatory and humanitarian mapping workshop on OpenStreetMap) to support the Missing Maps project. It’s every Monday evening from 6pm to 8pm.

Sign up for a mapathon

2/ I support small and medium-sized Humanitarian Aid and International Development organizations

CartONG coordinates around ten volunteer missions a month, carried out online by teams of 2-3 volunteers. The idea is to support a local or Humanitarian Aid and International Development organization in carrying out one of its projects.

  • If I feel the need, I can reinforce my skills during the technical training courses that CartONG gives every autumn. To take part, I become a member of the association and sign up when I see the advert in the “volunteer projects” newsletter.
  • I sign up as an e-volunteer for a project that requires a few hours a week, over a period of several weeks or months. CartONG is looking for a variety of skills: cartography and data management, but also web development, translation, communication, etc.

3/ I become a member and take part in CartONG’s associative life

Examples of projects realized by our volunteers:

Frequently asked questions

I’d like to organize a mapathon in my town or university. How do I go about it?

Contact the Missing Maps team!

How can I contact the team if I have any questions?

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact our team by email.

Do I have to be a member to become a volunteer?

You don’t have to be a CartONG member to become a volunteer (and vice versa). However, we encourage all volunteers to become members of the association as well, so that they can participate in CartONG’s internal decision-making processes – via the Annual General Meeting – and take part in our Get-Togethers and benefit from our internal training courses.

Do I need to speak French to become a volunteer?

You don’t need to speak French to become a CartONG volunteer. However, most of our communications with volunteers (newsletters, CartoTalk, mapathons, etc.) are in French. So it will be easier for you to get involved in our community if you understand a minimum of French.

I’d like to support CartONG but I don’t have a lot of time. What can I do?

We offer a variety of activities, so you can find the level of commitment that suits you. For example, if you don’t have a lot of time, you can take 2 hours to take part in an online mapathon from home!

How can I support CartONG without becoming a volunteer?

We encourage you to visit our Membership page and our Donation page. You can also follow CartONG on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and subscribe to our newsletters to stay informed and share our news!