Partnership agreement with MapAction

CartONG and MapAction have decided to reinforce their collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. Learn more about it here.

In the past decade, CartONG and MapAction – a UK-based NGO specialized in humanitarian mapping – have been interacting frequently, be it in the field, during conferences, or via mutual partners. These interactions have also been reinforced by joint participation in several networks and initiatives, in particular the H2H network and the Missing Maps project. They’ve also highlighted the complementarity between our two organizations which both work on the topic of humanitarian GIS. MapAction provides field and remote response in emergency situations while CartONG focuses a lot of its work on direct support to aid counterparts – often with a long-term approach. Both of our organizations also work towards enhancing capacities within the sector: MapAction provides training and preparedness for organizations responding to humanitarian emergencies, and CartONG provides a wide array of Information Management knowledge and capacity building support to HQ and field teams.

More recently, our two organizations have worked closely on several projects:

We are therefore very happy to announce that this collaboration is taking a next step with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by CartONG’s Technical Director Sandra Sudhoff and MapAction’s Chief Executive Liz Hughes.

The new agreement details general principles of collaboration around shared goals, mutual commitments as well as more operational aspects on financial and communication cooperation, with the hope that we can amplify each other’s work.

This MoU is a great example of CartONG’s core value of promoting collaboration within the sector, and we are very much looking forward to developing more partnerships like this in the future!

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