Our mapathons are back!

As part of its support for the international Missing Maps project, CartONG organizes mapathons, also known as participatory mapping workshops. These regular events bring together our volunteers and anyone with an interest in humanitarian mapping!

What is a mapathon?

The concept is simple: a group of people gathers to map uncharted areas of the world. Satellite imagery is used to create a map of everything that can be seen (such as roads, buildings, rivers, etc.). Mapathons are open to everyone!

Watch this video to understand everything!

A new season!

After a 2022-2023 season that brought together over 700 participants, directly supported 5 organizations and 3 OpenStreetMap (OSM) communities, as well as numerous projects by partner organizations (HOT and MSF), we’re back for another season!

Join us online every Monday at 6 pm (information here). The mapathons are also, and above all, about supporting Humanitarian Aid and International Development projects. This year, we’ll be mapping Senegal, on behalf of the Arcade association, which is building a new decentralized cooperation partnership with the Bandafassi municipality. In support of Afrique France Solidaire, Potentiel 3.0 and the UNHCR, we will also be mapping Cameroon, Bosnia and Lebanon. Finally, we will continue to support local OSM communities.

As usual, we’re organizing face-to-face mapathons all over France. We’ll be announcing upcoming events on our social networks shortly. We’re also looking for venues to host this new season of mapathons!

Mapathon organisé à La Turbine.coop en février 2023

Do you operate a third place or workspace?

Looking to organize a friendly one-off or recurring event that combines the discovery and mastery of open-source software and mapping, all in the service of humanitarian and development projects? CartONG organizes mapathons all over France to introduce people to mapping and raise awareness of humanitarian projects.

Mapathon organisé à La Turbine.coop en février 2023

Do you work for a university?

Would you like to raise your students’ awareness of international solidarity, and introduce them to some open source digital mapping tools and their impact? Get in touch with us! We’d be delighted to organize and run a mapathon for your students.

Do you work for an enterprise?

Since 2017, CartONG has been organizing mapathons in companies and local authorities to raise employee awareness of Humanitarian Aid and International Development issues in the workplace. The perfect opportunity to offer a friendly moment to its teams and one that is part of a concrete approach to social responsibility with a measurable direct impact!

Interested in co-organizing a mapathon? Want to support this humanitarian initiative?

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