CartONG unveils its new visual identity and website

After two decades of impactful work in the humanitarian aid and international development sector, CartONG is pleased to announce its new visual identity and new website. This transformation is not merely cosmetic but is rooted in a deep-seated commitment to remaining relevant while upholding the organization's core principles.

A new visual identity reflecting CartONG’s evolution 

The decision to refresh CartONG’s visual identity comes from a desire to better reflect the organization’s core values and approach. In more than 15 years, CartONG moved from two staff in a field operation to a fully structured organization that supported hundreds of humanitarian and development actors around the world. 

The new logo symbolizes CartONG’s commitment to a human-centric approach, data-driven solutions, tailored support for our partners. We’ve been always promoting a responsible use of geographical and non-geographical data as a tool to help organizations provide a more tailored humanitarian response and improve the quality, accountability and efficiency of their activities. The kind of support we provide is always tailored to each partner, context and needs, paying special attention to the quality and sustainability of our actions. We have a committed team, made up of employees and volunteers, who have advanced technical skills across our domain of expertise, and always ready to go the extra mile to meet the needs of our partners. Finally, we maintain our role as facilitators of fruitful exchanges, sharing and learning opportunities within the humanitarian aid and international development sector.  

In the words of CartONG Co-Executive Director, Sophie Oddo: “Our updated visual identity represents our dedication to continuous improvement and innovation. We believe that our logo should reflect the essence of who we are and our approach. With this update, we reaffirm our commitment to prioritizing the dignity of individuals and communities in all that we do, and to accompany humanitarian, development and social action organizations in their journey to harness data for a more tailored response.

A new website to better showcase our actions

Accompanying the unveiling of CartONG’s new visual identity is the launch of its revamped website, designed to offer users an intuitive and enriching experience. A design that facilitates seamless navigation and offers visitors a clearer presentation of CartONG’s diverse range of services. Users will find a wealth of information about CartONG’s mission, services, and impact: from case studies highlighting successful partnerships to informative articles on its latest projects. As for the logo, we wanted our website to represent our values and approach. Young and welcoming, where any visitor, be they a partner, potential volunteer or just someone passionate about mapping and data management in the humanitarian and development sector could find their way to learn more about our work and could easily get in touch with us to further discuss interests and needs.  

We decided to opt for a website eco-designed, with a limited environmental impact. We know it’s just a small step, but it was important for us to work with the developers to reduce page sizes, limit heavy functionalities, and thus minimize its carbon footprint.