New survey on program data management needs

CartONG launched a new survey to better understand program data management needs and practices of humanitarian and international development organizations. The results will be used to inform the updated version of our 2020 study "Program Data: The silver bullet of the humanitarian and development sectors?".

If you work for a civil society organization involved in humanitarian or international development projects (international or local CSOs), then the survey is for you! No matter the size of the organization, the sector or the type of operation. It only takes 5-10 minutes to fill for humanitarian and development professionals who are not data specialists and up to 30 minutes for data specialists. The answers will then be completed by interviews with key stakeholders and an external literature review.

Four years after the publication of a first-of-its-kind study on the needs and practices of civil society organizations in program data management, which is still a reference in the sector, CartONG has started to work on an updated version of this publication. With this new version, we are studying the impact of recent developments both in the information/data management sector and in international solidarity (including for example the role of Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity, accountability, localization, etc.). Beyond taking into account the technical and other changes that data management professionals are continually experiencing, we are seizing this opportunity to work on angles linked to the evolution of the sector that had not been specifically explored in the original study. This will include, for example, an analysis of the gender gap applied to the data management sector, which will be carried out within this framework.

This study is being carried out as part of an initiative run by CartONG and co-funded by the French Development Agency (AFD). It will not only feed into the discussions around program data management in the sector in order to have a clearer, up-to-date picture of the current landscape. It will also inform the preparation of the activities and resources expected during the second phase of the initiative and thus give you access to content and activities relevant to current needs, overall helping you improve the quality of your projects.

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