Why join us

Our teams are mobilized to put data at the service of humanitarian, development and social action projects. They are made up of permanent employees and regular consultants, based in France and abroad.

Our technical expertise (GIS, data visualization, webmapping) and methodological approaches (needs assessments, subjective mapping) enable us to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our partners.

The diversity of humanitarian and development contexts generates meaningful projects that raise constant technical challenges.

What you’ll find when you join CartONG

Flexibility and autonomy in the organization of your work

Our organization is based on a hybrid mode of operation, with a remote working policy that offers considerable flexibility to combine your personal and professional projects. Management is based on collaborative practices, enabling everyone to contribute to operational choices.

Meaningful work

Whether you’re helping to organize humanitarian operations using mapping tools, training international and/or field-based NGO teams, or contributing to the continuous improvement of practices within the sector, your work is meaningful every day. CartONG is also a large community of volunteers who are deeply involved in bringing the associative project to life and enriching practices.

Team spirit

We are committed to maintaining a climate of caring and mutual support, through regular team meetings and experience-sharing forums.

On your arrival, an induction course is organized to enable you to meet your colleagues and familiarize yourself with all our activities. You will also be supported by your manager, who will be with you from day one and throughout your career.

A participatory governance

The governance structure was chosen by the teams, with a model combining Executive Direction and a dose of shared governance via the election without candidates, of a coordination committee, which co-constructs the structure’s strategic choices. Employees are also invited to take part in selection committees for key management positions (CEO, operations manager, etc.).


Our hybrid approach, combining remote and face-to-face working, encourages us to be creative in creating convivial spaces, which culminate in the Get-Together, which brings all our teams together once a year for team-building activities and the exchange of best practices.