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IM support to ACF Afghanistan

Data collection, Information management strategies, Mapping, GIS and data visualization


Date : from September 2018 until December 2018
Project managed by : Staff CartONG
World's region : Central Asia
Country : Afghanistan


CartONG provided Information Management support to Action Contre la Faim France for their Afghanistan mission, through a three-week field mission. 

The mission aimed at providing Information Management support to the team based in Kabul regarding digitization of some nutrition processes, and data visualization with Business Intelligence tools. The main activities included an assessment of all collected data by the nutrition department, the identification of tools and devices available at the mission level, the Identification of data collection processes and the sharing of recommendations to improve data collection tools and processes for data collection.

In addition, CartONG organized training sessions for key staff members on various tools (Excel, Kobo, Sphinx, and Power BI) and supported their data protection practices by reviewing and providing recommendations on the protection of beneficiaries’ personal data and more widely the ACF data protection policy. Check out an example of the tools developed during the mission: a complaints and feedback (with fake data here of course!) mechanism dashboard built on Power BI.

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