A new Monitoring & Evaluation system for Sidaction

Between June 2021 and June 2022, CartONG and Groupe URD joined forces to support Sidaction in the co-construction of a relevant and efficient monitoring & evaluation (M&E) system adapted to their internal functioning.

Until then, Sidaction’s M&E was based on an “organic” set-up, developed as needs arose and not according to a systemic approach. It was therefore important for the association to reinforce its approach by clarifying existing needs.

Initial need

Sidaction is a major contributor to the fight against HIV/AIDS in France and internationally. The association organizes fundraising campaigns for the development of scientific research, information, prevention, support, and improvement of the quality of life of people affected by HIV, as well as training sessions in developing countries.

Its dual position as a donor in France and internationally, and as a direct operator through its advocacy, support and capacity building activities required the implementation of a “hybrid” monitoring & evaluation system that would address three complementary needs.

First, the system had to generate qualitative and global information (activities, impact, etc.) and make it easier to use by all Sidaction units (Program, Advocacy, etc.) in order to better manage daily activities. It was then necessary for the system to provide information on the implementation of the organization’s strategy and, finally, the system needed to help promote internal achievements, as well as those of the partners that Sidaction finances and supports.

In the end, the new system includes six major components identified in consultation with Sidaction and which follow the lines set forth by the different types of activities that the association carries out:

  • Monitoring of activities that Sidaction finances (projects and research),
  • Monitoring the partners Sidaction supports (associations and researchers),   
  • Monitoring of activities that Sidaction carries out directly (advocacy, capacity building), 
  • Evaluating and capitalizing on their activities and those of their partners, 
  • Monitoring the organization’s strategy, 
  • The promotion of the organization’s activities to the general public.

Several key steps

In order to deploy a system that fully met the specifications, CartONG and Groupe URD proceeded in stages. We began by conducting a diagnosis and identified ten or so priority areas on which we could work together. At this stage, CartONG played a decisive role in reviewing the information management mechanisms by mapping existing information flows. This mapping provided information on how data and information useful for M&E are collected and shared throughout the organization. It also helped identify duplicates and blocking points in order to improve existing practices.

As part of the support provided, this mapping was updated once more to capture the changes resulting from the work conducted.

At the very beginning of this support, Groupe URD and CartONG also conducted two remote training sessions for all of the association’s staff on key notions of monitoring & evaluation and information management. This allowed for a better understanding of the issues at stake and an improved communication throughout the project.

The rest of the support consisted in developing the guidance document for Sidaction’s M&E system (detailing the roles, processes and tools of the said system) and in implementing the projects identified during the diagnosis.

Focusing on the Information Management component

During the work on the various projects, CartONG contributed to the implementation of processes and tools to collect and share information within the organization on several aspects of the program: 

  • Daily monitoring of supported partners and mission tracking, 
  • Monitoring of key indicators on the organization’s main areas of intervention,
  • Planning and monitoring of activities carried out by Sidaction and financed by donors, 
  • The coherence of the projects and the new processes and tools by generating a new mapping of the monitoring & evaluation flows at Sidaction.

Our support for this type of project is in line with CartONG’s strategic vision for the 2022-2024 period. This initiative allowed us to further develop our diagnosic and support activity for civil society organizations in the management of information useful for the monitoring & evaluation of activities and projects.

Launch of the system and support for deployment

The launch – in early June – and the implementation of these new processes were ensured by the creation of a Monitoring & Evaluation Steering Committee within Sidaction and the creation of an associated short-, medium- and long-term action plan.

CartONG and Groupe URD are now following up on the implementation of the M&E system. A review meeting, six months after the launch of the new system, is planned for January 2023, to consider any necessary adjustments.

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