We reinforce the sector

Provision and development of resources, workshops, learning events and webinars. In addition to supporting individual organizations, CartONG works to facilitate exchanges, knowledge sharing and peer learning within the aid and development sector.

Sharing resources

Through the IM Resource Portal we share crucial resources and promote Information Management expertise within the international development and aid sector. Beyond displaying resources from a curated tech watch and blog posts, the portal serves as a one-entry point where everyone can share their Information Management publications, and help one another develop their skills. 

In addition to tutorials, benchmarking, case studies, lessons learned and upcoming events, the IM Resource Portal also includes the Learning Corner section, where you’ll find very practical material (license CC-BY-SA) like toolboxes, training modules and tools to help you apply Information Management to your operational context

Development of resources

CartONG goes beyond just making available a resource portal; it serves as a dynamic resource center actively producing materials to share knowledge with organizations and field practitioners on information management. Through a wealth of resources, CartONG helps humanitarian and development organizations to harness the full potential of data and understand the associated risks, aligning its mission with the broader goal of enhancing knowledge and capacity within the aid sector.

Learning events

We organize face-to-face and online events such as the GeOnG forum or inter-NGO exchange days to facilitate the sharing of ideas, valuable lessons and best practices between Humanitarian Aid and International Development players. These serve as vibrant platforms for promoting innovation and continuous improvement within the humanitarian community.

Examples of projects

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  • We reinforce the sector

    Provision and development of resources, workshops, learning events and webinars. In addition…

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