We strengthen capacities

Tailored trainings, on-site or remotely, practical exercises, awareness raising of the opportunities, benefits and risks of data management. Personalized follow-up to help you master the essential elements of mapping and data management depending on your needs.

Knowing how to collect, process and use data effectively and responsibly is the key to implementing any humanitarian or development project. Understanding the opportunities, risks and challenges linked to information management for humanitarian aid and international development has now become essential.

From awareness-raising activities to in-depth and advanced technical training in information management and mapping, we support operational and managerial teams with a practical and personalized approach. This can be for one-off interventions or as part of a more comprehensive support package integrating different components.

CartONG equips today’s and tomorrow’s practitioners with the necessary skills and knowledge for a response more tailored to the needs and better decision-making.

Our offer


Across our areas of expertise, we offer customizable training modules, online or in-person, from introductory courses to advanced training. We help your teams become more self-reliant and effectively leverage data and mapping for their work.


We can provide follow-up support to our training participants to ensure they can apply their newly acquired skills effectively in their day-to-day operations.


Within the framework of our projects, we provide personalized coaching and mentoring to technical or managerial individuals, either in the field or in head offices. We help to enhance their technical skills, knowledge, and understanding of data management and mapping.

This training course knocked the scales from my eyes regarding certain aspects of data protection. I learned a lot of things that are likely to change my data management practices

Participant in the training cycle organized by CartONG on responsible data management

Examples of projects

  • QGIS training in the field of migration

    A week of training for the NGO SGDD-ASAM, theory and practical exercises on real data…

    We strengthen capacities
    Mapping, GIS and data visualization
  • Support for responsible data management

    Structuring French-speaking CSOs to manage their program data responsibly…

    We reinforce the sector
    Data collection, Information management strategies
  • Fighting climate change in Tajikistan

    Participatory mapping to increase the availability of geographical information…

    We equip organizations
    Mapping, GIS and data visualization
  • Empowering Youth for Change

    A 3-Year Mapping Initiative in the Lake Chad Basin…

    We equip organizations
    Data collection, Mapping, GIS and data visualization

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    Needs assessments, tool development, production of maps, operational and strategic support. Tailored…

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  • We strengthen capacities

    Tailored trainings, on-site or remotely, practical exercises, awareness raising of the opportunities,…

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  • We reinforce the sector

    Provision and development of resources, workshops, learning events and webinars. In addition…

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